All purpose plant food

All purpose plant food

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All purpose plant food

All-purpose plant fertilizer is suitable for most of your houseplants, helping them grow strong and stay healthy. Choosing organic plant fertilizer is even better, especially if you plan to eat what you grow. The nutrition ratio varies between different fertilizer producers, but here’s one example:

  • 10% Nitrogen

  • 5% Phosphorus

  • 5% Potassium

  • (10-10-10 and other variations will also work perfectly fine).

The rest of the fertilizer consists of other macro- and micronutrients, like Calcium, Magnesium and sulfur.

Nitrogen (N) - promotes good growth and fresh green leaves Phosphorus (P) - promotes budding and rich flowering and Potassium (K) - helps the plant build strong stems and a strong root system

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