Ideal Temperatures

Ideal Temperatures

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Summer & winter temperatures

These are the recommended temperatures for your plant - in which it thrives. It can withstand more, but to make sure it’s happy and healthy this is what you should try and stick to.

Depending on where your plant comes from, it might require a lower temperature during the winter.

Tropical Plants

Most of our houseplants come from tropical areas, and are used to a temperature of about 65-80 °F (18-24 °C) all year round. This is why they are so suitable for our indoor environments.

But although the indoor temperature is right for these plants, the amount of sunlight hours might not be enough during the winter months - depending on where you live. Lack of sunlight can cause issues like dropping of the leaves, fading of leaf color and dry leaf edges as the indoor air gets too dry.

Examples of tropical plants

  • Monstera

  • Chinese Money Plant

  • Calatheas

  • Philodendron

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Arid / Desert Plants

Some succulents, like cacti and echeveria, originate from arid climates where it’s very hot and dry. Temperatures can, however, drop a bit during the winter in these areas, which might be necessary if you want this plant to bloom.

If you’re only interested in keeping it alive, you are all set with your indoor climate all year round.

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Temperate & Continental Plants

Plants from these climates are used to having a lower temperature during the winter - when they go into a dormant state. For some plants, the dormant state includes shedding of the leaves.

What temperature these plants want during the winter depends on where they come from, so make sure to check in Planta what temperature it prefers.

Problems that can arise if you put this type of plant in room-temperature conditions all year round is that they get weak and risk getting infected with pests. They can also lose all of their leaves - even though in normal cases they keep them.

Example of temperate and continental plants

  • Olive trees

  • Ficus, Geraniums

  • Rosemary

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