Suitable Locations - Indoor or Outdoor?

Suitable Locations - Indoor or Outdoor?

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Indoor or Outdoor?

Depending on where you live and how hardy your plant is, Planta can recommend where you should place your plant during the year.

Indoor all year

All plants enjoy being outside, of course. But many of our houseplants come from tropical climates and can handle indoor temperatures all year round. However, they do enjoy some time outside in the summer - if you have the possibility to provide them with this.

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Outdoor during the summer

Based on your location, climate data from your area and the hardiness of the plant, Planta recommends what months your plant can be placed outside - without risking placing it somewhere that’s too cold. Below, we’ve listed a few benefits and risks with placing your plants outside.


  • Higher humidity Most plants thrive in humidities that are a lot higher than what we have indoors. Placing them outside will make them more lush, green and you avoid them developing brown leaf tips.

  • Colder nights A few plants, for example Cacti, require a lower night temperature to develop flower buds. If you place these type of plants outdoor you might get them to bloom.

  • Better light You can’t beat the outdoor sun. Outside, your plant will get light from many different angles, which will help it grow more even, greener and fuller.


  • Sudden drops in temperature This can stress tropical plants that are used to the same temperature all year round

  • Pests Pests are much more common outdoors and your plant might get infected

  • Too intense sun The outdoor sun can be very intense and might burn your plant. Make sure to place your plant in a sheltered location.

  • Rain Heavy rainfall can cause root rot to a plant that prefers to dry up between waterings. Make sure your plants are sheltered from rain, or double-check the soil before watering it per Plantas instructions.

Always check your plants for pests before moving them indoors again. — Planta tips

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Cold temperature during winter - overwintering

Most of the plants we buy as house plants are okay being indoors all year round. But a few plants do need a cooler temperature during the winter - as they originate from climates where the temperature shifts during the year. If you keep these plants indoors all year round, you might risk the health of your plant. Below we’ve listed a few risks of keeping your plant too warm during the winter.


  • Infections If it’s too warm for your plant, it gets weak and the natural resistance against pests gets lower

  • Leaf issues The leaves can start fading, turning yellow and eventually fall off

  • Death A too high temperature combined with less sunlight and drier indoor air could cause your plant to die

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