Keep your plants alive

Individual care schedule and reminders for your plants, recommendations, step by step guides, identification, light meter and more. Keep your plants alive with Planta!

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Water twice a week
Unique care schedules

Smart care reminders

Are you not sure when it’s time to water your plants? Planta knows when! Just add them to the app and get notified when it’s time to water, fertilize, mist, clean (yes, it’s a thing) and repot!

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Scan your plant
Scan your plant

Plant identification

Maybe you are not sure which plant you have? You can just take a picture of it and we will instantly let you know. With Plantas plant scanner you can scan all your house plants to find out the plants name and how to care for them.

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Place in part sun
Find the right light

Light meter

Would you like to put a plant in a bathroom without windows? Some plants prefer shade and some are sun-lovers. Get to know which plants are suitable in your home based on the different light conditions of your rooms.

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Change plant location
Plant doctor

Dr. Planta

Are your plants not feeling good? Dr. Planta can help you figure out what’s wrong and set up a treatment plan.

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What people are saying

App store 4.8 Google play 4.3

An amazing app, I love this so much!

“I have over 40 plants in my home and i want to keep them at their best, this app has helped me do so. I never leave reviews but Planta deserve this for creating my favourite app!”


I love this app

“I love this app & highly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their understanding of plant care. I went from having very limited plant knowledge & struggling to keep my plants alive, to now having 30+ indoor plants that are all thriving thanks to Planta. I will definitely be renewing my subscription, as it's worth every penny.”


Super helpful for keeping my plants healthy!

“I bought premium sub to try it out for 3 months and I'm quite happy with it.”


Totally amazing

“Totally amazing. I have not used this app for long but my plants are looking much better and I am not stressing about when to water and feed them”


Love it

“I downloaded this app a few months ago and absolutely LOVE it. My plants have been thriving ever since.”

Miia Bench

I love this!

“I enjoy keeping plants but I'm not very green-fingered and never had much luck getting them to thrive. Now I've identified and catalogued all my plants in the app (bit shocked to find I have 50!) and already I've been able to identify which plants were poorly sited and move them to hopefully happier spots. This app tells me exactly when and how to water, mist or feed each plant, and the advice is specific to each plant, not just generic. I'm really impressed!”


This is the ULTIMATE plant care app

“It's the ideal plant tracker, especially for new plant parents. It helps me by providing a basic plant care schedule for each plant I have and as I am learning to identify the individual needs of each of my plants, it allows me to delay or modify tasks as needed. Truly the best app you could hope for. It took less than a week for me to get the premium version and it has been about a month now and I haven't regretted it at all!”


Great app!

“I’m so nervous on my new plants because I’m a beginner and I bought some fairly big commitments. This app helped me so much, especially with my forgetfulness. Thank you!”


Absolutely wonderful app

“I use it everyday and plan out future plant purchases for it! I've got everyone hooked onto it as well!”